Sticky Af Disposable Vapes 1g


This disposable pen provides an average of 90% THC levels, so you can get the most out of it. Coming with various strains, this rechargeable vape pen is definitely your thing!

If you are looking for a convenient and sleek way to enjoy your favorite strains, look no further than Sticky AF Disposable Vapes 1G!

This disposable pen provides an average of 90% THC levels, so you can get the most out of it.

No matter if you’re someone who likes the relaxing effects of indica, the energizing effects of sativa, or an astounding hybrid, Sticky 1G Disposable Vape have you covered with various strain options.

Plus, just charge the pen with a Micro-USB cable (charger is not included), and you’re ready to be used anywhere.

With it’s sleek design, multiple color options, and clean and potent hit, one thing is for sure – Sticky Disposable Vape Pen is definitely your thing!

Indica Strains

Sticky OG

Sticky OG is a unique indica strain with soothing effects on the body and mind.

An almost immediate cerebral high, accompanied by numbing physical effects and long-lasting drowsiness, will wash over you.

Because of these effects, this strain effectively treats sleeplessness, chronic pain, and muscular spasms in users.

Sticky OG strain offers citrus, diesel, and earthy flavors.

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG stands out as a robust indica strain known for it’s aromatic blend of spiciness, herbal undertones, and a distinct jet fuel-like scent.

When it comes to flavor, it boasts spicy diesel accents with a subtle herbal touch.

This strain’s potency results in a profound experience, inducing a deep sense of couch-lock, relaxation, and a euphoric state that gracefully transitions into a peaceful slumber.

Italian Ice

Italian Ice is an indica strain from crossing “Gelato 45” and “Forbidden Fruit” strains.

Named for it’s exquisite flavor, it appeals to enthusiasts seeking a gentle indica touch. Like the dessert it’s named after, Italian Ice delivers a sweet, creamy berry taste with hints of sour citrus and a touch of nuttiness.

It’s aroma mirrors this profile, featuring a creamy berry overtone with spicy black tobacco and a nutty note.

The effects are uplifting, initially boosting mood and focus before transitioning into a sedative, sleepy state.

Dino Nugz

The relaxing body high helps to keep you anchored while your mind fills with ideas. A perfect ‘anytime smoke,’ Dino Nugz strain is sure to elevate your mood & make any day better.

This indica strain brings happy and relaxing effects and offers fruity and sweet flavors.

Rainbow Belts

Rainbow Belts indica strain emerges from the delectable fusion of “Zkittlez” and “Moonbow strains.”

It has a captivating blend of sharp lemon-lime and flowery diesel aroma, intensifying with each toke. The flavor profile features sweet lemon-lime notes, accented by hints of ripe grapes and spicy berries.

Rainbow Belts’ high, while not as vibrant as it’s flavor, brings lasting relaxation rather than stimulation.

It starts with a euphoric boost, inducing a giddy, sociable demeanor, ideal for engaging conversations. Subsequently, a tingling physical sensation envelops the body, bringing a gentle sedation that promotes full-body relaxation.

Grape Ape

Grape Ape provides an enchanting sensory journey characterized by it’s lush grape fragrance, enhanced by subtle notes of berries.

It’s effects come in a profound relaxation that envelops the entire body, potentially culminating in a state of absolute tranquility and restful slumber.

This strain is exceptionally suitable for evening use, as it can deliver potent relaxation, and may also offer the potential for inducing euphoria and mental clarity.

Sativa Strains

Honey DDew

Ideal for daytime use, Honey Ddew offers a swift pick-me-up to sativa enthusiasts.

Resembling it’s fruity namesake, it boasts a delightful melon taste infused with nuances of hazy florals, fresh berries, and a touch of woody pine. It’s scent mimics a freshly cut melon bowl brimming with berries and hints of earthy haze.

It induces lasting happiness, sociability, and creativity, banishing negative thoughts. A gentle physical tingle accompanies mental clarity, making it suitable for various social settings.

Apple Jacks

Apple Jacks sativa delivers a harmonious blend of cerebral euphoria and soothing physical relaxation.

It’s focused, creative high is helpful for stress relief and aids in managing muscle spasms, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

It also has a sweet, fruity flavor and a pleasantly pungent, earthy aroma.

White Snow

White Snow has an uplifting effect on the mind, with a tinge of creative energy that inspires you to ponder all kinds of possibilities.

You’ll be able to return to the outside world without feeling any sedation as you slip into and out of this meditative state.

Tropical Zkittlez

Tropical Zkittlez Sativa strain that keeps you motivated, making it an ideal strain for an afternoon adventure or creative escapes.

This strain brings euphoric and uplifting effects, and also citrus, fruity, and sweet flavor that will cheer your taste buds up.

Hybrid Strains

Strawberry Mochi

Strawberry Mochi, a perfectly balanced hybrid, emerges from the delightful fusion of “Strawberry Cough” and “Mochi” strains.

It has a delectable flavor—a sweet, fruity strawberry essence complemented by hints of creamy vanilla. The scent mirrors this profile, featuring a strawberry overtone mingled with sweet vanilla and subtle earthy notes.

Strawberry Mochi’s high gradually envelops the mind, inducing a warm, euphoric creativity.

Pink Gummies

Pink gummies is a hybrid cannabis strain that is known for it’s potent effects and fruity flavor.

The effects of this strain are euphoric and happy, with a sense of focus. Enjoy it’s apple, chestnut, and coffee flavors.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Lemon Cherry Gelato is perfect for a relaxed evening, enchanting the senses with it’s exceptional flavor and calming attributes.

It’s flavor harmoniously marries zesty lemon undertones with the lushness of cherries and berries. The scent is equally delightful, with a citrusy tang intermingling with fresh berries, a hint of raspberries, and a subtle earthy pine essence.

The initial high brings euphoria, dispelling negativity, and gently ushers in a state of relaxation and unfocused serenity.

Space Runtz

Named for it’s delectable flavor and otherworldly high, Space Runtz captivates hybrid enthusiasts.

It boasts a sugary cherry candy taste with a subtle sour and citrusy finish. The aroma mirrors this sweetness, featuring fruity candy notes intertwined with a burst of sour citrus and earthy herbs.

The effects unfold shortly after exhale, imbuing the mind with uplifting happiness and enhanced mental clarity, inspiring creativity.

As the experience evolves, deep relaxation prevails, lulling you into a peaceful, sedated tranquility.

Kush Mintz

Kush Mintz hybrid strain is a crossing of “Bubba Kush” and “Animal Mints” strains.

This strain caters to mint enthusiasts, offering a well-rounded experience that embraces both mind and body. Kush Mintz presents a strikingly sharp minty flavor, accentuated by hints of freshly brewed coffee and earthy cookies.

It’s scent carries notes of earthy sweet woods, accompanied by a robust, spicy coffee aroma infused with a powerful minty kick.

The Kush Mintz high, while not as intense as it’s flavor, initiates a warming spinal tingle that spreads, inducing profound relaxation of mind and body. This calming effect can lead to drowsiness if not approached with caution.


Are Sticky disposables good?

Sticky AF Disposable Vapes 1G are among the most popular vape devices in Los Angeles.

How many grams do Sticky Disposable Vapes contain?

Sticky Disposable Vapes contain 1G premium cannabis distillate.

What is the THC level of Sticky AF Disposable Vapes 1G?

Sticky Vapes come with an average of 90% THC level.

Are Sticky Vapes rechargeable?

Yes, you can charge the pen with a Micro-USB cable and use it anywhere, any time.

STRAINApple Jacks (Sativa), Banksy OG (Indica), Dino Nugz (Indica), Grape Ape (Indica), Honey DDew (Sativa), Italian Ice (Indica), Kush Mintz (Hybrid), Lemon Cherry Gelato (Hybrid), Pink Gummies (Hybrid), Rainbow Belts (Indica), Skywalker OG (Indica), Space Runtz (Hybrid), Sticky OG (Indica), Strawberry Mochi (Hybrid), Tropical Zkittlez (Sativa), White Snow (Sativa)


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