Blueberry Shatter


Blueberry Shatter is consistent and effective relief from depression, anxiety, and stress among other ailments. Blueberry Shatter has a potency of 70-90% THC Content. Obtained from, Purple Thai, Highland Thai, Afghani. If you wonder why so many people choose to buy this shatter, the following advantages will make things clear to you:

  • Potency: Our shatter has very high concentrations of THC, ranging from 70 to 90 percent. Its high strength all but guarantees you will experience the wildest buzz of your life.
  • Flavor: Shatter has a very smooth and warm flavor, and you can taste the terpenes, as well as a hint of blueberry. The experience is very different from inhaling the harsh smoke of a blunt.
  • Versatility: There are a lot of ways to use shatter. It can be put in a vaporizer that heats and turns it into vapor, which is inhaled. Users can also use it as an ingredient for cooking and baking.
  • Health: Shatter can relieve the symptoms of several disorders quickly because of its high potency. It can be used for relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and headaches.

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1 gram $10, 15 grams $200, 30 grams $400, 60 grams $800, 90 grams $1100, 180 grams $2100


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