Moonrock Joints


Moonrock joints are one among the foremost expensive nugs you will find on the menu of your dispensary,and for an honest reason. It’s the foremost potent thanks to smoke weed.If you have got an honest supply of flower,kief and hash oil,it is not hard to form a moon rock. When a moon rock is completed right,you ought to hardly be ready to see what your nug originally seemed like.You cant treat them exactly like regular weed when it’s time to smoke.So we will re-evaluate everything you would like to understand about making and smoking moonrocks joints.

Moonrock Pre Rolled Joints
These prerolls are unlike the other,Consisting of a top quality bud,rolled in K and powdered with kief,your spidey senses are going to be tingling with just a whiff of any of those.At 51%THC ,true colors of the moon rocks are shown. Each pre-roll contains 1.2 to 1.4 grams of moon rocks.

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10 Blunts $200, 15 Blunts $250, 20 Blunts $400, 25 Blunts $450, 30 Blunts $500, 35 Blunts $550, 40 Blunts $600, 45 Blunts $650, 50 Blunts $700, 100 Blunts $1400


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