• Pineapple Express is a high-potency THC extract made from cannabis that is cured then extracted with C02, purified into distillate, and combined with plant derived terpenes to give sweet, tropical, and citrus flavours. This cartridge has a 510 thread connection.

    • Produced in Ontario
    • Brand Good Supply
    • Producer Aphria Inc.
    • Common name PINEAPPLE EXPRESS
    • Type Hybrid
    • THC total 730.0-900.0mg/g
    • CBD total 0.0mg/g
    • Terpenes Humulene 0.01%, Limonene 0.02%, Myrcene 0.01-0.02%
    • Method of consumption Inhalation
    • Extraction process CO2
    • Flavour(s)Citrus, Sweet, Tropical
    • Cartridge connection type 510 Thread
    • Packaging material Double-wall Paper


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