Social CBD Drops Peppermint 1000mg


All the chicken without the cluck. Social CBD Pet Drops utilize CBD and a handful of other non-psychoactive compounds from the hemp plant. When combined, these compounds work together to deliver a symphony of wellness—providing stress relief for your furry friend. Apply over the top of food, add to water, or give orally. Did we mention our Pet Drops are tested to human standards? No foul play here!

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Social CBD Drops Peppermint 1000mg

Get centered with Peppermint Isolate CBD Drops. These pure, natural supplements are designed to help you feel balanced and focused all day long! They contain a blend of peppermint extract that will uplift your mood while providing clarifying support for any sluggishness or stress; Ashwagandha herb which helps promote relaxation during times when it’s difficult not want anything else in life than sleep (we’ve all been there); along with Rhodiola leaf extract – one our favorite ingredients because it has so many amazing benefits on its own as well as aiding cognition by improving short term memory recall

Social CBD Drops Peppermint 1000mg

Social is both a family and a movement—a movement about spreading meaningful human connections, one person at a time.

We believe in: Belly laughter and touchdown dances. Jumping into puddles and singing along with the radio. Long phone calls with friends and bedtime stories with silly voices. Always remembering to say “I love you”.

Our CBD invites you to take the pressure off of yourself and see the bigger picture. To reconnect with what really matters.

So next time you’re overwhelmed—step back. Breathe deep and remember, you got this.

Social CBD. Natural Solutions for Modern Life.

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