Super Lemon Haze Shatter


Super Lemon Haze Shatter increases creativity and for providing substantial relief from stress, depression, and fatigue. Super Lemon Haze Shatter has a potency of 70-90% THC Content.

Do you need something effective to overcome fatigue and depression? We are happy to present to you our amazing concentrate named Super Lemon Haze shatter. The levels of THC it possesses range from 70% to 90%. It is a potent cannabis product that brings immediate high, resulting in euphoric feelings. It makes a person more energetic, elevates his/her mood, and improves concentration. Of course, you should not overdose it to experience these effects. If you like citrus and sweet flavors, our Super Lemon haze shatter for sale is the right choice. When inhaling it, you may feel like the notes of lemon overwhelm you and the area around. This shatter is made from a Sativa-dominant strain, so it can be beneficial for treating health disorders like stress, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, PTSD, and others. The best effect will be achieved if combine cannabis extracts with the medications prescribed by a therapist.
Order Super Lemon haze shatter to bid farewell to your mental illnesses and get back to normal life as soon as possible. Living life to its fullest is the most precious gift we can have. And we believe that every person deserves it.

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1 gram $10, 15 grams $200, 30 grams $400, 60 grams $800, 90 grams $1100, 180 grams $2100


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