528 – Moon Rocket – London Poundcake w/ Kief – 1.2 Grams


THC: 47.45%

Moon Rocket: Join us on a Journey to the Moon with this Brand-New, Infused Preroll that’s sure to knock you off this Planet and Crash Land you on the Moon. Produced by the team at 528hz, this Preroll is Infused to the Core using a Proprietary Blend of Indoor Flower, Cannabis Oil and Terpenes that perfectly compliments each other, giving you a High and Taste that’ll leave you Craving for More. To give it an extra Boost we’ve Painted it in Oil and Covered it in Blonde Kief, adding to the Aesthetic and assuring you that this Preroll Lifts you Out-of-this-World. So hop on this Rocket and bring your Friends along for the ride! London Poundcake: A delicious Hybrid you want to have handy for any occasion, be it an early morning stroll, a kick back with your friends, or even a night out at the club! Upon first taking a hit, you’ll get a hint of sugary lemon notes, which soon turns into a sweet, dough-like flavor with a touch of fresh herbs and vanilla.


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